Voice of Gowanus Releases Baselines for Just and Sustainable Development in Gowanus

Today, March 22, 2021, Voice of Gowanus released its new Baselines for Just and Sustainable Development in Gowanus, a series of baseline requirements that any rezoning in Gowanus must not fall beneath to ensure environmental and human health safety.  Please find full documentation outlining the baselines attached. 

The grassroots community coalition held a press conference at the site of the former Citizens Manufactured Gas Plant, which is being proposed for housing if the Gowanus rezoning passes.  The site will not be remediated in full; carcinogenic coal tar will remain under the site. 

In addition to the five baselines, VOG also demanded that the EPA and FEMA participate in generating - not just commenting on - whatever Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is released for the proposed rezoning.  Any EIS that does not involve FEMA and EPA as full co-lead agencies in the preparation of the EIS is invalid and insufficient to protect human and environmental health in Gowanus given the flooding and toxicity risks in the neighborhood and the scope and complexity of the rezoning.   

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Document Links: 

Baselines for Just and Sustainable Development in Gowanus 

Baselines in Brief

Baselines - Summary as Slides 

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