Tickets on Sale for Music Activism Fundraiser!

We are so excited for our Music Activism Fundraiser live on Tuesday May 30!   

Yo La Tengo
"Time keeps moving and things keep changing, but that doesn’t mean we can't fight back. Yo La Tengo have raced time for nearly four decades and, to my ears, they just keep winning. The trio’s latest victory is called This Stupid World, a spellbinding set of reflective songs that resist the ever-ticking clock. This is music that’s not so much timeless as time-defiant" by Marc Masters 
Marc Ribot 
"Guitarist Marc Ribot helped Tom Waits refine a new, weird Americana on 1985's “Rain Dogs”, and since then he's become the go-to guitar person for all kinds of roots-music adventurers" in Rolling Stone
Martin Bisi Collective
Bisi is a prolific music producer who has helped develop post-Punk, No Wave and experimental culture through recordings of Brian Eno, Sonic Youth, Swans, John Zorn, Africa Bambaataa, JG Thirlwell, Dresden Dolls and countless others
For this event he has put together a Collective of musicians for an improvised ambient set 

Public Records 

Exploring culture through sound. 🔊 Unifying communities through hospitality. 👀 Respecting earth and its inhabitants.  233 Butler St. Brooklyn. Doors: 7pm

This intimate evening of music in the Sound Room at Public Records will be a unique way to experience these artists up close.  And most importantly, your ticket purchase benefits the work of the grassroots environmental group Voice of Gowanus. We are fighting for a safe and healthy environment in Gowanus, which was an industrial dumping ground for decades and the cleanup has only just begun. The EPA and New York State both need to oversee a full cleanup for people and the environment to be safe. All funds raised from this event will help us achieve this goal by hiring the experts who can make a difference in holding these institutions accountable to environmental laws. 
Support our fight for a healthy environment in Gowanus and experience some incredible live music on May 30!