DEC Recap On April 20th

DEC Recap

On April 20th, NY State held their Community Informational event. That evening that made it clear that they are incapable of listening to our community's concerns. And that they would rather "politely" coral us into one-on-one conversations rather than have an open forum. We weren't happy, in fact nobody was.
When pressed on hard issues like "how do you make sure that nobody gets sick? Or Should we be building on toxic land, at sea level, in a climate crisis?..." Their strategy was to deflect and encourage you to talk to another table.
Please read Brooklyn Magazine's own recap here: 
In response to a statement in the article made by Royal Palms co-owner, Jonathan Schnapp,

Do we appreciate being called "pseudoscientists peddling misinformation to the detriment of our community"?  No, no we do not. It's precisely why we hired experts like Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting.

The irony is, when Joseph confronted the Executive Deputy Director of the State DEC, Sean Mahar, on his credentials as a scientist, Sean, with a minor in Biology from Siena college, argued that he knows best for Brooklyn. Watch the conversation below.

With all due respect, Gov. Hochul, Sean doesn't cut it. We need better. We need smarter. And everyone in that room felt the same way.